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Frog Detective 3: Corruption At Cowboy County ((TOP))

If you've slipped into the presumably slimy skin of Frog Detective before, you'll be very familiar with police procedure. The town is full of potential suspects, and to uncover the truth you'll have to chat to them, solve their problems, and gather up items to help you find out where the hats went. You can't have a cowboy town without hats. That's illegal. And you're a detective, as you'll keep reminding people.

Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County

If you're new to the world of Frog Detective, let me defer to the Steam page topline to provide the elevator pitch: You're a detective and a frog, and it's time to solve a mystery. From a gameplay perspective, that means you explore colourful 3D environments, spin cheeky yarns with anthropomorphic animals, collect items, take notes, establish motives and connect those most delicious of dots to solve curious mysteries of Haunted Islands, Invisible Wizards and Cowboy Corruption. Each game takes about an hour to complete, but they use every minute well - to be honest, I usually give at least a quarter of an hour to sticker-stacking my froggy friend's notebook anyways. As a protagonist, they're worryingly naive and well-meaning, often to a fault. Proudly the world's second-best investigator.

Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County is a first-person experience and features you taking on the role of a frog detective, or perhaps that should be Detective Frog? Either way, you will be solving crimes (for real this time). For this instalment, the protagonist has been asked to solve a mystery in a dusty old town filled with possible lawbreakers! Team up with Lobster Cop to solve what may or may not be an actual crime. Along the way, you should interview the area's residents to find clues. The series of games has thus far been one of wholesome fun, and good jokes, we don't expect any changes for the third release.

To help with your investigation is your trusty notepad to log all interviews with the residents of Cowboy County, their names, photos, motives, notes, and needs, and your magnifying glass.And forget a horse or hopping, you get a scooter! All of this helps you progress through the story, or at least let you say you played a game as a frog detective riding a scooter in the wild west.

Frog Detective is a franchise adored by fans of the loveable frog themselves. Armed with a magnifying glass, which is mostly used to detect funny distorted faces, the detective visits many characters, helping them with quests to gain evidence for a menagerie of mysteries. Created by Grace Bruxner and Thomas Bowker, with publishers SUPERHOT PRESENTS, the games are filled with memorable moments and hilarious dialogue that is sure to bring a smile to any player. 041b061a72


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