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Right Where You Left Me (bonus Track)

But "right where you left me" also opens with a pretty telling lyric: "Friends break up, friends get married." Swift, you might recall, didn't attend either Kloss' first wedding to Joshua Kushner in October 2018 or their second ceremony in June 2019, perhaps the biggest sign of trouble between the formerly inseparable duo.

right where you left me (bonus track)

In the 17 years post-"Glitter," despite marrying, divorcing and birthing twins, Carey has publicly remained almost exactly, comfortingly the same. She is still a tottering presence in Lycra and platform heels. She still resists things normies have resigned themselves to, such as fluorescent lighting (Mariah brings her own lighting team with her), and upright sitting. She still has the personal life of a plucky Lifetime TV movie heroine. She is right where you left her.

"Caution" is on track to be Carey's biggest hit in years. It's not an undeniable work of art (it's pretty good, though), but it comes at just the right time: Everyone loves Mariah Carey in November, and Ariana Grande's "Fantasy"-era cosplay makes us appreciate Carey only more. 041b061a72


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