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Kira, The Battle Within Despair

Izuru tells him that the third squads symbol is a marigold, describing it as how his squad fights. He says that battles aren't supposed to be fun, exciting, or heroic affairs. Battles to them are dark and filled with despair, the path of peace should be chosen instead. He states that his sword, Wabisuke upholds the squads symbol best, as it causes the enemy to fall to their knees and bow their head from the immense weight put upon them. They then have to beg for forgiveness. He states that Wabisuke means "to apologize". Redder laughs at Izuru's values and stands back up. He states that a battle is about pushing yourself to the limits, crushing your enemy, and that it's supposed to feel exhilarating. He relentlessly fires his feathers at Izuru, who appears behind him and strikes his wings again, causing him to fall to the ground once more.

Kira, the Battle Within Despair


A plane full of sorrow, and misery. A place we're told we truly belong, all because the world has damned us to be the monsters." Her eye met Kira's alert gaze from across their new battlefield, far removed from the clearing. They were within the trees now, the stars struggling to pierce their light through the foliage.


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