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Fog Of War [Demo]

You're on the right track with Light2D. You can set it's mode to Mask. Then any transparent pixels in the light texture will become invisible in objects it touches. Check out the lights and masks demo project:

Fog Of War [Demo]


With a band member called Mosh Branum (vocals, lead guitar),it is clear that FOG OF WAR makes no bones about the style of music heard on their self-titled debut. Yup, this is thrash metal played with old school pride and electric spirit. Originally self-released in 2009, Stormspell Records reissued it with new cover art and three bonus demo cuts that enhance the album's value.

However, the tradeoff is often at the cost of performance. In the example, you likely noticed that performance hits are noticable even after a relatively small amount of elements to the mask. While this is just an unoptimized demo, using complex SVG filters can be a large bottleneck. One other area that could be optimized is the filter itself. A simplier filter is more efficient, as less processing has to be done to fewer pixels.

Thanks to lynx, who fixed the transparency problem, the GemRB demo is getting a graphics update.I'm starting to work on the fog of war, so that it doesn't look like black blocks. In the screenshot, I'm using the fog of war from Icewind Dale 2, but obviously that will not be the final one due to copyright reasons. Instead I'll make a new one from scratch, but I'm studying the IWD2 file in order to understand how to configure everything.

Visible in FOV behavior could be controlled by costCallback property in config ( see this demo, line 34), without using blocker (blockerTest). Path finding also has costCallback property, too. (see this demo, line 105)Therefore you can design 2 cost functions for FOV and path-finding.

Bands appearing out of nowhere is pretty much our bread and butter around here, but after weeks of listening to the self-titled demo from Philadelphia-based solo mission Poison Ruïn, the whole project remains somehow otherworldly. But even in that remote land where gloomy vibes are the norm and dungeon synth, peace punk, NWOBHM and black metal combined does not make for such a strange and bewildering sound, even in that faraway, make-believe land, Poison Ruïn must stand as exemplary work.

The solution is engine-agnostic, however I'll be using my game, which uses Unreal Engine 4, as the starting point for demonstration. This article will assume you know the basics of programming and some light knowledge of shaders.

My game uses the excellent Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit framework which gives me the 3D grid which this demonstration will work off of. If you're making a turn based, grid based game, I highly recommend it.

It's important to set the width and height correctly. Here one pixel represents a single tile in grid space, so we want the image to be at least as big. In this demo I've chosen 32, which would effectively make my maps 32 tiles wide maximum.

Next we need an actor to perform updates on this. In this demo I'll just make a BP fog of war class and add it to the scene. It will have a member variable FOW_RT which holds a reference to this canvas. (Note that you can also make this canvas dynamically instead of as an asset, this is just one way to do it).

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