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My Story

Welcome to Mama Ong Kitchen!


COVID-19 really changes our life in some ways or another. During COVID-19 Circuit Breaker (Lockdown), I have friends who do not cook, start cooking for their family during this period. Whilst some of my other friends mentioned that they too run out of ideas and lost wit what to cook, will approach me for my recipes.


With friends’ encouragements, I have setup my own YouTube Cooking Channel, sharing my recipes, hoping that I could help everyone in all parts of the world to get started, to cook some meals for their family at home. Along the way, I shall also share some of my cooking tips as well as some health benefits, which could be vital to our health.


Mama Ong Kitchen is proud to produce wonderful and engaging video content for all of you to enjoy. Should you find my recipes useful and helpful in your meal planning and cooking, appreciate if you could give your support by Subscribing to my page, sharing my YouTube Channel and giving me a Thumbs-up.


Thank you and enjoy cooking! 😊

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