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Singing Pumpkins Halloween Projection - Monster... UPD

All normal projection pumpkins have gone through a face lift and now have enhanced effects such as internal looking pumpkin texture, light flicker and a candle. There is even a realistic candle flame flicker inside. See video

Singing Pumpkins Halloween Projection - Monster...

Michael Jackson's Thriller Pumpkins are finally ready and this time in 1080x1920 HD! This new song has the pumpkins singing the classic "Thriller" with Vincent along for the ride. Animation comes without sound so use your favorite video editing software to combine song with animation. See video below for "black background" pumpkins example. Use just one projector for all three faces! Note: Some download versions of the song "Thriller" may be slightly off and out of sync with the audio by 3-4 frames of animation. To fix this issue, simply trim off the first 3-4 frames (NOT SECONDS) of animation from the front of the animated clip and slide it to the left of your video timeline. This should fix any sync issues you might come across. I may correct this issue with alternate if more people have problems with it.

The illusion of the singing pumpkins is created by projecting animated features onto uncarved pumpkins. It is particularly effective because the only content in your projected animation are the carved features of each pumpkin. The rest of the video image is black, or no light when translated to a projection. The brightness of the projected animation reflects off of the pumpkin and appears to emanate from within, even casting a glow in front of the pumpkin as it would if it were actually carved and internally illuminated.

Amplified speakerThe soundtrack to your singing pumpkins will need an amplified speaker. If you have a smaller bookshelf or center-style style speaker, these can work very well, but require a separate powered amplifier. If you don't already have something, I recommend purchasing small internally amplified speakers, which will make your installation simpler. Search for small powered speakers and you should find many options under $20.

Your singing pumpkins have no need for stereo audio. Only a single speaker is required. If, however you have any audio editing skills/software, you may opt to add a quiet atmospheric track of something like crickets chirping, to the remaining track if you are using a second speaker. This will be especially noticeable if there is a period of time in your pumpkin animation loop where they are not singing.

Add depthIf your animation utilizes multiple pumpkins, arrange them so that they are not all at the same depth (all in a row, etc...). Place them a few inches in front or behind each other. You can then focus your projection to be somewhere between the two depths which will add further realism to the effect as well as blur the pixels of your projector just enough to mask the digital nature of the projection.

Color match the pumpkin illuminationIt's likely that the projection animation will not be the same color of illumination that is coming from the C7 lamps in your carved pumpkins. Additionally, most consumer LCD projectors employ an RGB color wheel that creates a perceptible color flicker that can give the projected pumpkins an "electronic" quality. There's a relatively simple fix to both of these problems. Use a slightly amber theatrical gel filter over the lens. A swatch book from your local theatrical lighting supply can help you obtain just the right color. Additionally, I edited my animation from to have a realistic candle flicker effect within the carved features. This effect exists with the newer animation.

Align your projectionTake the time to size and center the projected features onto your pumpkins. Be sure to watch your full content loop to ensure features don't begin to move too far around the edges of the pumpkin ruining the illusion.

Hi if I want to use multiple pumpkins in several different spots and project the same music but have some dark while others are singing I know I can adjust this in my video program but if I needed to use a couple of projectors how would I sync them so they start at the same time.

Hi again I've upgraded a bunch so I got the micca mply wlan HD media player ,and a Epson 2045 home cinema projector which is only 2200 lumens but has a contrast ratio of 35,000:1 it's also 1080p. I also have a benq MS24A which is 3300 lumens with contrast of 15,000:1 and it's svga resolution.I actually recently went by Disneys singing pumpkins and noticed my projection on my benq was actually a lot more brighter , but like in your suggestions they were almost identical to the lit pumpkins on the snow moutain I think it's better to get perfect amount of brightness I'll have to see what the Epson 2045 looks like its shipping on Amazon.I also am going to do singing busts also like the ones at Disney I wonder what projected will be best for that.Im doing rising ghost with a used cheap 40 dollar projector also.What brand projector do you use for these kind of effects.

The perceived brightness of your projection is relative to the ambient lighting of your display environment. As a general guide, the projection should appear to be the same brightness as your illuminated pumpkins, which you can control if they are electrically lit. The distance of your projector, and the age of an incandescent lamp can also affect the projector brightness. Brand is of less importance than specifications and general quality. Yours both sound good. Most of the LED lamp based projectors that are in the $200 or less range are just barely able to produce an acceptable result with extra care being put into adjusting the ambient light. I can't stress enough the improvement you'll get by adding soft illumination from the back or side as indicated in the instructions. It adds an important sense of depth. I have both Viewsonic and Infocus projectors purchased primarily because of the features and price point, but that will often vary. I would often recommend a higher quality used projector over a lower quality new.

This unique house definitely makes the list because the family creates all their own music for their awesome screen projection Halloween show. The show lasts about 20 minutes and can be enjoyed from the car. We loved the singing pumpkins and the house that wants to eat us! Directions on our blog post.

These 3D-printed pumpkins use projections to serenade you with some scary songs, and people passing by can even select different moods for the melodies. While this may sound like a bit of a weather hazard for the projector, this particular project allows you to keep it inside, safe from the elements.

Silhouetted against windows gleam a haunted lady fluttering in white, Frankenstein's monster rising alive from the slab, a seated damsel at her vanity, blissfully unaware of a hovering bat, which shapeshifts into Count Dracula. Ghosts galore haunt the windows, and sometimes each other. Fringing the yard: tombstones, at least one mysterious pointy-hatted hunched figure, and grim grinning pumpkins singing "Let's Do The Time Warp Again." Closer to the road looms a deceptively normal-looking election sign: Bigfoot 2020. Make America Believe Again.

The singing pumpkins, currently working from a range of 11 synchronized tunes, borrow from tricks made to generate the crooning marble busts -- the undead Mellomen, including bass singer Thurl Ravenscroft, voice of Tony the Tiger, and in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," the singer of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" -- in Disney World's Haunted Mansion, singing "Grim Grinning Ghosts." Grimball projects the animated musical jack-o'-lantern faces onto three blank pumpkins procured from Michael's. 041b061a72


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