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How to Use Hwidgen 62.01 to Get a Permanent and Legit Windows 10 Activation

For Windows 10, no matter how it is activated (upgrades from Windows 7/8.1, is a bought retail version, or is bound with BIOS, namely the MSDM license), the activation will be converted to a unique Digital License of the corresponding Hardware ID (HWID). This license will be sent to and stored on Microsoft server, then each time you make a fresh install of Windows and connect to MS server successfully, it will activate this machine automatically. This license will remain in valid, until the hardware changes.

Windows 10 Digital License Hwidgen 62.01 Generation

hwidgen is a brand new tool from the linux support group, that you can use for free without any registration in a few minutes. You have to: Turn on the computer and install grub. (doesn't matter if you got the live-bootable usb or not. However, you can just use the grub.exe from the iso to do that. It's just fast enough to turn on, a few minutes max. ) Enter live mode. Enter lsblk. (File system check) Enter /proc/partitions to find the hard disk. Install syslinux onto the disk. (1) Enter 4 directories up from the root in the hard disk, and extract the grub-mkusb folder. (2)Put in the usb stick, and create partitions of 10GB each. Set the /boot to the 10GB partition, and the remaining 20GB to efi and esp. Reboot. Wait until its at the original login screen, and select the boot time from the icons above the (Wi-Fi) networking display. Select the windows partition. Select "Try Ubuntu".

What is "Verifying Windows 10 Digital License" for Mac users? There is a possibility that Mac users may experience problems when activating Windows 10 (following the instruction in this guide). What happens in that case is that Windows 10 will not activate properly because of the verification of the digital license of a Mac, which happens immediately after activating Windows 10. In a case where the activation fails, you will receive a message such as "This version of Windows is not activated because it was not licensed with the previous PC's license. " In addition, Microsoft will ask you whether you would like to activate. If you accept and activate it, it will be activated using a key that was previously owned by your previous PC. If you decline to activate it, it will be repaired using the key used by your previous PC. Therefore, in addition to the normal procedure, the activation of Windows 10 is required for Mac users as well.


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