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No Frills Dub Josh Butler

Hailed as the fastest growing club on the island, Sankeys Ibiza is showing no sign of stopping for 2015. The infamous UK club is a relative newcomer to the island and only opened its Ibizan branch in 2011, but has very quickly garnered a cult following of punters and workers alike with its no-frills basement vibe.

No Frills Dub Josh Butler

Portland has a more stable internal dynamic thanks to no-frills on-court leadership from Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and Terry Stotts. Neil Olshey, their GM, has fought to maintain a competitive homegrown nucleus in a market with zero history of drawing free agents. They will be reeling for a long time, on both a personal and professional level, from the tragic death Monday of longtime owner Paul Allen. They remain a youngish team. If Durant leaves, why wouldn't they keep it together and dream big?

Not really the best year to listen to some rich guy survey us poor suckers from atop his mountain of cash. But this (self-produced) trap-rap itemization orgy came tinged with just the right amount of creepy beauty and dead-eyed aspiration, a realist, no-frills window into the dark heart that beats beneath the $7,500 Saint Laurent jacket.

In one of her greatest roles, Carole Lombard sparkles as a dizzy but good-hearted heiress in Gregory La Cava's comedic take and sometimes caustic commentary on the Great Depression. William Powell portrays Godfrey with knife-edged delivery, the forgotten man whom Lombard has turned into the family butler. Pixilated mother Alice Brady, beleaguered father Eugene Pallette, and snarky sister Gail Patrick round out the cast of one of the most exemplary screwball comedies of the 1930s. The cinematography by Ted Tetzlaff is a shimmering argument for the supremacy of black and white film. Do not confuse this classic with the pitiful 1957 remake.

The debut feature of writer, director and editor John Sayles, this film exemplifies early "indy" films with their minimal budgets and fast shooting schedules. Sayls' lack of funds and frills defines the feel of the film centered on a group of friends, anti-war demonstrators in the '60s, who've matured in the decade following their activism. Some remain true to their principles, others sell out to conventional values. Its bare-bones structure accentuated by Altman-like editing and overlapping dialog, along with naturalistic acting by Sayles and David Strathairn among many others, and Sayles' insightful script distinguish the film among other indies of its time.

This low-budget cult classic centers on the misadventures of a young couple (Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon) who find themselves inside a strange mansion when their car breaks down on a rainy night. There they encounter a wild party hosted by a lingerie-clad transvestite and mad scientist (Tim Curry). Richard O'Brien (who also plays the butler) wrote the catchy songs, with John Barry and Richard Hartley composing the score.

Arguably the greatest movie about Hollywood, director Billy Wilder's masterpiece is a combination of noir, black comedy, and character study. Aging silent-film star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) persuades down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe Gillis (William Holden) to polish the behemoth of a script she's been laboring over for decades, and in the process he becomes her paid companion. One-time titan of the silent screen director-actor Erich von Stroheim adds to the gothic creepiness as butler Max. The film's often been parodied but its brilliant dialog, decadent production design and wide-ranging acting styles have never been topped.Additional image

COMMUNITY: An Alaska town living under one roof Watch VideoThe Begich Towers, in Whittier, Alaska, built by the military during the Cold War as a no-frills barracks, is now home to the majority of the isolated town's 300 or so residents. Correspondent Lee Cowan journeyed to Whittier to find out what it's like for virtually the entire population to live at the same address. 041b061a72


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