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Nsync No Strings Attached Album Zip

The album's title was thought of by member Chris Kirkpatrick during a car ride in London after settlement, where they were inspired by the song "I've Got No Strings" from the 1940 film, Pinocchio.[5] The titling of the album is similar to the Backstreet Boys' who also had legal wrangling with Pearlman which concluded to a settlement in October 1998 that was not disclosed; the Backstreet Boys "took a shot" at Pearlman by titling their 2000 studio album, Black & Blue.[6] Meanwhile, the title No Strings Attached was announced in September 1999, during when the legal battle was still ongoing.[7] Kirkpatrick revealed that the title and the album's cover art have a personal meaning to them. According to him, the album was designed to show that they felt they were puppets stranded in strings, which alludes to their destiny being controlled. In an interview, he further explained the relationship of the strings to the album, stating that "the only reasons that the strings are still attached on the album is so people can get the whole feel of the vibe of [...] No Strings Attached".[8]

nsync no strings attached album zip



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