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Comanche 4 Download |VERIFIED| PC Game

Back in 2001, Comanche 4 was the closest thing you'd ever get to re-living the good old days of Hawke, Santini and the legendary chopper itself with its solid action, real 3D environments (wow!) andmass of enjoyable campaigns. But the game's suffered from exactly the same fate as the series; if you go back and look at it now, it's not nearly as great as you remember, and with Comanche's five-year-old graphics, this ageing chopper's probably not got much fight left in it.

Comanche 4 Download PC Game


Can anyone write in with confirmation either way?Reason being, if he is dead then I'd like to dedicate the rest of this review to his memory - a first for any games magazine I think you'll agree. And the reason is that Comanche 4 is as close to being an A/nvo/f simulator as the gaming world has ever managed - bar a little remembered title called Interceptor on the Commodore 64 back in the '80s Oh, and the actual Airwolf game, also around that time. But you know what I mean. This one's for you Dorn... er, I mean Ernest.

In fact, it's the control method that most hammers home the point that Comanche 4 is not to be taken seriously. Flight sim enthusiasts were huffing and puffing behind me as I played the thing in the office, but this isn't for them. Comanche 4 is aimed at the action crowd. It's an arcade game with knobs on. And it works perfectly well.

Along with the voxels, NovaLogic has dropped its frankly ludicrous claim to be a simulation expert. As I predicted a year or so ago with one of the many F-22 titles, the company has finally come clean and admitted that it makes arcade games. Nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with Comanche 4 either. It's exactly what it says it is on the tin - a thrilling action game about modern helicopters. Mr Borgnine would have been proud. Assuming he's dead.

So, with the simplified FPS-style controls and better-looking graphics, Comanche 4 is trying to lift the series from the awkward middle ground it's always found itself in (and been hindered by), and is saying: "Look, we're an arcade game. Plain and simple. You want simulation - you can piss off."

I'm not saying that Comanche 4 is a shoddy game. As arcade-based helicopter shooters go it's as fine an example of the genre as anything we've seen in a long, long time. Well-structured missions. Tension oozing from every pre-scripted moment. Music that fills your breast with pride, your eyes with tears andyour lower spleen with that strange pus that has your doctor so worried. No it's none of that which concerns. It's just the sheer, unequivocal pointlessness of it all that rankles so deeply.

It's been a long time and we've missed him. Finally, Griffin 2-6 is flying again! Anyone who enjoyed Novalogic's previous simulation of the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche helicopter will recognize the protagonist's radio call sign. Griffin 2-6 is as adventurous as ever in Comanche 4 and he's sporting one heck of a wax job on that chopper. This time around our high-tech helo pilot does not concern himself much with annoying details of flight model, weapons behavior, or aeronautics. Novalogic is no longer touting consultations with Army test pilots or giving special attention to helicopter physics or accentuating the inclusion of digitally sampled sound from the real Comanche as was previously done. It seems that anything smacking of realism or detail has been de-emphasized in the new Comanche 4. Even the RAH-66 model number is conspicuously absent from the box of this "Action shooter in the sky." Have you guessed where the emphasis gone? Every developer of combat flight software titles must make the inevitable choice between simulation and arcade game. Most successful products end up containing elements of both. With simple controls, a near crash proof flight model, and plenty of enemies, Comanche 4 makes every effort to draw the player into a worry-free action oriented environment.

In the six campaigns, you fly to exotic areas of the world, not to vacation, but to blow up convoys, sink ships, rescue personnel, escort other flights, and even defend cities against attack drones. Comanche 4 only has four weapons, but four is all you need. Anyone who knows anything about the Comanche understands that guns, rockets, hellfires, and stingers are the standard loadout. Artillery strikes and limited control over the wingman also come into play as you advance through the campaign. A few of the missions seemed easy and others became nearly impossible to compete. No matter how well you balance your weapons or how skilled a flyer you are, in many missions, the difficulty is compounded by the fact that you must start from the very beginning each time and play through until victory is achieved. Only then can you advance to the next mission in the campaign. This can be frustrating. An in-game save feature would likely alleviate some of the redundancy. The campaigns reflect the times in that there is an abundance of antiterrorist operations. The bad guys all seem to be members of groups that contain the name "sword" (e.g. "Eternal Sword"). In one mission, you escort a government leader's limo through almost comically heavy fire as his convoy races around the city trying to escape to the airport. Enemy gunners fire from atop the huge buildings while tanks and helicopters appear around every corner. It reminded me of Interstate 75/82.

I used to like the challenge of balancing the thrust and collective to achieve speed and maneuverability in the old Comanche 3, which had an Easy and Advanced flight mode. This cannot be done with the simplified flight model of Comanche 4. Of course, the simplicity and safety save you many, many frustrating crashes. I have a friend who refuses to attempt any further flight games after describing his traumatic wipe outs with the old, more realistic Comanche 3. The most you will get with the new Comanche is a fender bender.

After flying Comanche 4 for a while, it became apparent that the most efficient weapon was always the stinger missile. Unlike real life, there were little or no distinct strengths of the various weapons over each other. Eventually, I got in the habit of simply loading the maximum 28 stingers for each mission, regardless of the mission requirements, especially since I discovered that the stingers could target ground vehicles better than the Hellfire! This idea was further born out during online play which always degenerated into stinger wars. Imagine the monotony of playing a shooter game with only one weapon. It wasn't long before boredom began stalking.

The sounds, especially the weapons fire and explosions come through very well, especially when outputting through stereo speakers or headphones. I'm sure that every Comanche fan will recognize the character's voices for Griffin 2-6 and the female air traffic controller from the old Comanche 3. It's nice to hear a familiar voice. For some uncanny reason, the interface music is always hip in Novalogic games.

The mission editor is a new and welcome feature to the Comanche series. I toyed around with it and created a test mission. The interface is easy to use and most of the insertable objects are clearly labeled and previewable. Keep your eye on the clock: the investment of time required to make a quality level could be a day or longer. The irony is that since the game has been pushed so far in the arcade direction, the chances of an enthusiastic level building community springing up are doubtful. Nevertheless, the mission builder is much appreciated and will give fans a chance to carry their Comanche 4 experience a step further if they wish.

Comanche 4 is a fraggin' man's flight game. Where the previous installment of Comanche left debates about whether it should be considered a simulation, arcade game, or a hybrid of the two, Novalogic has now unapologetically placed Comanche 4 on the arcade game arena. On the outside, this high tech piece of airborne hardware conveys the presence of the real thing, but anyone other than a weekend warrior is going to notice that under the hood, things are a bit simplistic for an advanced chopper. If Comanche 4 is truly to be an arcade game, why not maximize the fun by adding futuristic weapons and enemies. Perhaps an airborne laser would add some variety. Despite the ultra clean graphics, the boredom factor lies in wait for experienced gamers. I played through most of the Comanche 4 campaign missions in a few days. But, those were a good few days.

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Awesome blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog stand out. Please let me know where you got your design. Appreciate it

Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Thank you

Operating system: 7, 8, 10Steam Ratings: Very positive (166) 89% of the 166 user reviews for this game are positive.Execution: Complete last release

First parts Comanche 4 were developed as a flight simulator on the Comanche RAH-66 stealth attack helicopter. This part became the finale of a series of games of the same name, in which 6 military campaigns were carried out. Passage is available in multiplayer mode. The simulator has a polygon graphic design and the developers used their own game engine Black Hawk Engine to create it. This helped achieve more detail and realism compared to its predecessors. 041b061a72


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