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How to install Actia Multi Diag I-2014 software | Official Blog

actia is part of the actia group, a world-leading supplier of electronic diagnostic equipment for the automotive, off-highway and marine markets. from 1997, the actia group has been able to set up a well-grounded network of more than 50 offices all over the world. our customers in turn benefit from continuous improvements in the quality of our products, and from a network of highly specialized and experienced employees, trained in the various technologies used in electronics.

actia multidiag 2013 vci serial number

actia offers the widest range of electronic components for all vehicles, from mass-produced vehicles to the most sophisticated supercars. we are constantly expanding our product range and our expertise. we continue to focus our efforts on adding value to our customers and are committed to meeting their customers needs through ongoing customer service and engineering support. actia provides a wide range of oem and aftermarket solutions for applications such as airplanes, autos, marine, rail and specialty vehicles.

you should go into the main menu and vci configuration. if the communication mode is set to usb, change it to bluetooth. you must select tick to confirm the change. then close down multi-diag completely. re open it and go back into the vci configuration. it should still show as being set to bluetooth. connect the vci to a power source and then perform a connection test. if this is ok then you can now connect using bluetooth. if this fails then please contact the actia helpdesk on 01686 611166.

in addition to new products, actia also offers a wide range of services to our customers. these include training and support, and the support of the entire supply chain from design, integration, production, to after-sales services.


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